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Banh Mi Pork Belly

Banh Mi Pork Belly

For those looking for authentic Vietnamese food in NYC, Banh Mi Saigon is known for its traditional Vietnamese sandwiches and appetizers. Banh Mi is the Vietnamese term for bread and while it can be used for many forms of bread, it is most often used specifically to describe the baguette.

With this in mind, you’ll find a number of menu options that include toasted baguettes stuffed with savory meats with fresh marinated vegetables including pickled carrots and daikon, jalapeno peppers, cucumber and cilantro, and topped with a special hollandaise spread.

If meat isn’t your thing they serve vegetarian options as well.

Banh Mi Veggie Sandwich

Banh Mi Veggie Sandwich

Banh Mi Saigon Location

Banh Mi Saigon is situated at the heart of downtown Manhattan, surrounded by Chinatown, Little Italy, and SoHo. This authentic Vietnamese sandwich deli was formerly called Banh Mi So 1 and has been serving tourists and locals for more than two decades.

Along with sandwiches, they offer a selection of appetizers and desserts, too.

Banh Mi Tofu

Tofu Banh Mi

Exciting Appetizers

One of Banh Mi Saigon’s most popular appetizers is their Summer Roll which is made up of rice noodles, cucumber and shrimp rolled up in a thin rice wrapper and dipped in sweet peanut sauce. Other rolls include: the grilled pork roll (Nem Nướng Cuốn), the vegetarian summer roll (Bò Bía Chay), and the shrimp and pork summer roll (Gõi Cúôn).

For those looking for something light but not a roll, the green papaya salad, Đu Đủ Rau Xà Lách, offers the perfect mingling of flavors while the Gà Xé Phay offers a unique Vietnamese take on chicken salad made with white meat, cabbage and carrot for a healthy treat.


Desserts on the Banh Mi Saigon’s menu come in two categories: hot or cold. Hot desserts include black eye bean pudding, sweet corn pudding or taro pudding. Cold desserts come in drink form and include a chilled basil seed drink, or black jelly grass drink.

Call Ahead

While Banh Mi is open 7 days a week from 9:00 to 7:00, their baguettes are often sold out before they are ready to hang the closed sign, so call ahead to ensure you’ll get the sandwich you want.

Photo credits: Ron Dollete, yosoynuts, isaac’licious

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  1. Julie C. says:

    Those sandwiches make even the tofu look delicious! Nice to eat authentically cooked food in a tourist trap like NYC.

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