Enjoy Traditional Dutch Cooking at the Restaurant Greetje

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Restaurant Greetje

Restaurant Greetje opened its doors in October, 2005. Owner René Loven named his new restaurant after his mother to honor her for his upbringing which included home cooking that was both delicious and nutritious.

He says, “Long before awareness for the environment was deemed fashionable and considered necessary, my mum had already been preparing our daily meals based on these principles, as well as on traditional cooking methods.”

He brought these core values to his restaurant as he developed the menu.

Restaurant Greetje

Restaurant Greetje Menu

The Restaurant Greetje menu offers specialties cooked using products bought fresh daily. Fresh organic produce grown in the local Dutch soil is just one example of ingredients that show respect for the environment.

Meals created here don’t include additives of any kind, their wine list offers a careful selection of superb wines to complement their specialties.

The Greetje Menu

Along with delicious meals, the restaurant offers old-fashioned friendly dining in a historic building on the Peperstraat 23 that overlooks the Montelbaanse Tower.

The menu continues this theme as it brings back traditional Dutch meals that have been forgotten. Menu specialties are created with love and respect for both ingredients and the environment.

For instance, a grilled sandwich of traditional Frysian sugar bread made with home-style duck liver pate and freshly made apple syrup or roast pork with forest mushrooms and Frieslanders ‘en croute’, served with a raspberry sauce are mouth-watering entrees offered each day.

Between courses, guests enjoy spoom – a fluffy fruit sorbet with Champagne and a twist of Vodka.

Restaurant Greetje

Greetje’s Grand Finale

The dessert selection is an ideal way to finish a Greetje meal. Try the Dutch duet made with blackberries bavarois, blackberry ice cream, and served with blackberry sauce, or warm bread pudding of pigeons-hangover and Dutch apples, or any of the other mouth watering choices made to perfection to satisfy your sweet tooth.

For those visiting Amsterdam, the traditional Dutch cooking and cozy setting offered at Greetje is unsurpassed. To make a reservation call  + 31 20 77 97 450 or email to: [email protected].

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