Envy Restaurant in Amsterdam

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Imagine a place you can shop for a meal but also sample special products, all the while you’ll be given counsel on which wine would be ideal for your tastes. Sounds like a dream. Envy delicacies takes that same feel, adds its own flare and makes it their own.
Envy delicacies was imagined and developed during the many trips that owner Bert van der Leden made to Rome in connection with the supperclub there. Italy has many small delicatessens. There, as previously mentioned, a village butcher not only sells meat, he also lets his customers sample many of his special products, while at the same time giving advice on which wine is amazingly well suited for just the precise recipe of tastes.

This is a new way of experiencing products that makes the customer curious for more, in a small shop where all the products from the countryside are visible right inside the windows and instantaneously available for tasting. Indeed, they are fresher than fresh. Besides the fact that all the villagers shop there, the attorney from the nearby town also makes a point of driving there in the weekend to do his shopping. At the back of the butcher’s shop there’s a wooden table that serves as a meeting place for the regulars. The guests can sample the products while having a nice conversation over a glass of wine.

The same feeling is crafted at Envy delicacies, despite the fact that it doesn’t function as a shop. It is a meeting place with just the right atmosphere, where fresh products and good wines are most important. That is also the reason why Concrete Architectural Associates, the firm that designed the restaurant, chose to combine sleek minimalism with living-room-style comfort.
Immediately upon entering, guests can’t help but notice the large open kitchen and get a direct sense of the world of the preparation of products. One of the walls consists of 26 refrigerators positioned at eye-level and finished in oak with chrome handles. The refrigerators are intended as showcases for wines, but also for cheeses, sausages, oysters, jams, chutneys, etc. All this serves to arouse an immediate interest in the products, and just looking at them makes your mouth water.

Envy has been awarded with a “Bib Gourmand” in the 2011 Michelin Guide. After repeatedly receiving this prestigious award They are delighted to once again be a recipient. To celebrate this occasion they offer a 5 course tasting menu for € 36,- available every Monday.

Prinsengracht 381
1016 Amsterdam
+31 20 344 64 07

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