Estela Serves up American Food with European Influences

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Estela is a charming 55-seat restaurant located in a former knitting factory in downtown Manhattan. It’s a beverage-driven restaurant rising in popularity under the expertise of beverage director Thomas Carter and pared with the culinary creations of James Beard Award-nominated chef Ignacio Mattos.

It offers a wine list with more than 200 choices comprises of mostly European selections, along with classically-inspired cocktails.


American Food with European Influences

While it may be small, Estela’s offers up big taste with shareable plates of American food crafted with European influences and an interesting hide-and-seek quality created with layered flavors.

Try the savory button mushroom disks covered in ricotta dumplings, or experience the hearty flavor of a rib eye with taleggio buried in a layer of fried potatoes, quail with spinach and lardo, or a number of other selections designed to interest the palate.


Not Your Common Brunch Menu

They are open for brunch or dinner, with brunch favorites like the poached egg sandwich stacked on a Danish tea pastry called a tebirke, and topped with avocado and pancetta, or blood cake with onion marmalade and egg.

For something a little more substantial, try the slow-cooked cod and potatoes blanketed in shaved dried cured black olives resembling truffles which provide a complementary salty blast.

A limited wine list which includes non-alcoholic beverages is available during brunch, and for the most part, dishes served from the brunch menu are small to mid-size and are meant for sharing. It really is an culinary adventure worth the try.

Vintage Ambiance

The vintage building housing Estela is lit with globe-shaped pendant lighting, has time-worn floorboards, and a stairway leading up to the narrow dining room. The floor actually leans in places enough that diners may get a littler cozier than they planned as they lean into one another.

It’s a unique NYC opportunity to experience the melding of history where it meets creativity in the kitchen.

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