Fatty ‘Cue Serves Up Bold Flavors

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Fatty Cue Brooklyn

Fatty ‘Cue is a small, clean, and cozy two-star Michelin restaurant where the music is always on.

If you’re looking for a hipster eatery with casual service and good food, the Fatty ‘Cue in Brooklyn serves up just what you’re looking for. They are known for Southeast Asian fermented funkiness and a whole lot of smoke. You might think of it as Asian/BBQ.

Fatty Cue

What to Expect from the Menu

Don’t let the name “Fatty” ‘Cue scare you off. This eatery has found the balance of flavors as they combine fatty morsels mingled with shades of citrus, and you can always skip dishes that serve pig fat as a dipping sauce.

However, before you dismiss that option think about how often bacon grease is used to add flavor to food. Or you might enjoy something from one of their two Ole Hickory smokers which turn out dishes which feature bold flavors, rich sauces and a choice between small and medium sized portions.

To start off, you might want try a snack of Bao Chicken Bao Bao made with maple butter complemented with spicy heat, lamb ribs with fermented tofu yogurt, or something from the vegetarian menu.

They have different menus for different times of day including brunch, dinner, late night menu, dessert, and a cocktail menu, too. So if you arrive late at night (12 a.m. – 2 a.m.) selections are limited, but they still offer a nice variety.

Pigs Head

If you’re ready to be adventurous, you might order a half of a pig’s head served with spring onion salad, pickles, and steamed bao. Eating this dish is a delicious adventure as they provide patrons with rubber gloves to keep their hands grease free.

This restaurant really does serve up a memorable gastronomical experience you won’t want to miss, but it’s not for those looking for a quiet spot for conversation.

For more information, you can visit their website or call (718) 599-3090.

Photo credits: fattycue, Gary Soup

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