Forage Restaurant in Los Angeles, CA

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Forage restaurant serves lunch and dinner Tuesday through Saturday in Los Angeles, California. The restaurant is family owned and locally run.

Forage is a restaurant unlike many others. Here, in line with his local and sustainable ways, chef Jason Kim will take whatever’s growing in your garden, fix it up, and add it to the offerings of the day.

A recent lunch menu includes such items as: Pearl Barely with Pine Nuts, Raisins and Agro Dolce; Yukon Gold Potato Salad and Awesome Avocado Sandwich. A recent dinner menu includes such items as: Cous Cous with Peppers and Chickpeas; Sweet Potato Gratin and Mac n’ Cheese.

Their patrons bring the best of their backyards: from tangerines to lettuce, carrots to avocados. This Los Angeles restaurant relies on the spirit and generosity of its patrons. Forage is reminded daily “real communities are built by individuals.”

The commitment of Forage is to provide recurring, scrumptious, affordable, high quality food for every life. They search for the middle ground between the hard to find and the inedible because they strive to rediscover a sustainable and healthy love affair with food that is easy, true, and good to eat.

3823 W Sunset Blvd,
Los Angeles, CA 90026-1529

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