Frankford Hall Beer Garden

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If you happen to stumble across Frankford Hall in Philadelphia, you might think you just stepped off a plane into Germany’s backyard. This Fishtown beer garden has all the features of a traditional Bier Garten in the notorious land of beer.

We’ll start with the beer. They’ve got 12 brews on draft, plus one rotating seasonal beer. The choices include some of Germany’s most famous brewers like Hofbrauhaus, Bitburger and Paulaner, as well as Philadelphia’s most popular craft brews: Victory, Dogfish, and Yards. You can purchase your beer by the half liter, or by the liter, for the true German experience.

The “essen” list, or the eating list, also provides a variety of German traditional foods mixed with Philly style bar food. The potato pancakes with smoked salmon are sure to be a hit shared with your friends, and the Weiswurst with red cabbage or coleslaw you’ll want to keep to yourself.

Don’t forget to top it with their homemade curry ketchup or sweet mustard.

There are no servers…order your food at the counter in the garden and take a number. Kill time waiting on your food (which won’t take long) by playing fooseball, ping pong, or jenga with your posse.

Photo Source: Flickr/quinnanya

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