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In 2013, the Gunshow restaurant of Atlanta opened its doors and quickly built a promising reputation with an interactive bold approach to food.

The three chefs, including owner Kevin Gillespie, actually get out of the kitchen and take to the floor to interact with their patrons who instead of ordering from a menu can make food choices as the chefs circulate their culinary creations.

The result is a dining experience that takes on the qualities of reality TV.




What You Can Expect

Along with delicious food, the one thing you can expect when you visit Gunshow is a laid-back atmosphere. Whether you’re looking for more of an appetizer/snack option or a full meal, this unique eatery will deliver!

It’s not easy to decide what you’re going to order too far in advance, though, as each week Gillespie and his crew make a menu plan that includes a few dishes for that week. However, you can get a peek at the weekly menu on Gillespie’s website once they’ve made their choices.

When you’re seated, once the dishes are prepared, the team rolls them out into the dining room on carts or they carry them on trays from which they personally describe each culinary delight to diners.

Yes it’s non-traditional, but it is fun and delicious, and if you really want a menu, you can ask for one. According to Gillespie it is “as close to dining in his home as possible.”


Visit Gunshow Facebook Page

If you visit Gunshow’s Facebook page, sometimes you can get a clue as to specials being served that week. For instance, at the writing of this article they announced Okonomiyaki (Japanese Rock Shrimp and Bacon Pancake) made with Benton’s bacon.

As the team decides on the weekly menu, they discuss previous creations that proved popular with customers, but it really is a creative process as they discuss works in progress, curiosities, and other ideas ruminating.

While Gunshow isn’t a traditional restaurant, it is definitely a fun, delicious dining experience. Reservations are not required but can be made by calling 404-380-1886.

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