HI Beach in Nice, France

June 27, 2011 by

HI beach is an innovative concept that settles the effortlessness of the enjoyment of the beach and the seaside. It develops a new reason of spaces. A beach where each of us will find their own rhythm and well-being.
HI beach suggests interiors or protected spaces in free access that will allow people to share time with each other: a bar, a restaurant a communal area to relax with a large screen LCD television, books, magazines, newspapers, computers.

The spaces are made to respond to various rhythms: spend an all day family moment or just for a quick coffee break, either alone or with friends. HI beach will adapt to everyone’s wishes and will introduce an online reservation service, that does not exist anywhere else, where people can reserve their deck chairs on line.

With HI beach, the beach will become a way of living, easy and pleasant between the sea and the city. Determinedly modern, this new place takes also into account the local specificities of the town of Nice.
With HI, the beach becomes a way of living, simple and cordial between the sea and the city.

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