Hugo’s Frog Bar in Downtown Chicago

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Hugo's Frog Bar and Fish House

Hugo’s Frog Bar and Fish House

Stop by Hugo’s Frog Bar for fresh seafood, huge portions, and sides made for sharing. Hugo’s Frog Bar and Fish House has a reputation as one of the best seafood restaurants in downtown Chicago. Once it opened its doors, it quickly became a favorite for locals and out-of-towners alike.

Hugo’s Frog Bar and Fish House

Hugo’s Frog Bar is named after owner Hugo Ralli. He and his partner Steve Lombardo ran the highly successful Gibson’s Bar and Steakhouse and were looking to establish the finest seafood restaurant in Chicago. They accomplished their goal!

A little bit of interesting trivia is that the “Frog” in the name of the tavern on Rush wasn’t inspired by the signature seafood dish but is the name Ralli called his grandfather when growing up. When you visit, you’ll see his grandfather’s portrait hanging over the bar.

Hugo’s Menu Features More than Frog Legs

While sautéed frog legs in garlic butter can be found on the appetizer menu, it is also available as a signature dish. But Hugo’s Frog Bar and Fish House features much more on the menu including soups, salads, seafood, steaks, chops and burgers.

While the food is delicious and served in generous portions, it’s not the place to eat for those on a tight budget. Meals are quite pricey with pan roasted grouper currently at $35.50 and a 14 ounce filet mignon costing $45.75.

Is it worth it? Most who go there, answer a resounding “yes.” Their large portions, fresh seafood, and prime-aged steaks keep patrons coming back.

A Second Hugo’s

With the success of Hugo’s Frog Bar in Chicago, Hugo’s expanded to Chicago’s western suburbs in 2004 when they opened in Naperville. It quickly became a favorite in the surrounding communities.

So whether you’re downtown or the Naperville area, if you’re looking for delicious, fresh seafood, this is the place to eat.

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  1. Penny W. says:

    Sounds like a fun place to check out for a dinner splurge in Chicago. Goof to know why it’s called “Frog.”

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