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Ice Cream New Orleans Style at the Creole Creamery

June 30, 2015 by

Creole Creamery

Creole Creamery Tchoupitoulas Challenge

New Orleans is famous for its savory Cajun gumbo, crawfish, Jambalaya and other dishes, but when it comes to sweet treats, one place you’ll want to make sure to visit in the Big Easy is the Creole Creamery.

It looks like a soda fountain with an old local bakery’s neon sign still hanging over it door and a festive-pink interior that wraps visitors in warm New Orleans hospitality as they make their choice from chalkboard menu of ice cream flavors that both surprise and please.

Creole Creamery Menu

Creole Creamery Chalkboard Menu

Unique Assortment of Flavors

Like anything else in New Orleans, the Creole Creamery is anything but typical. They take pride in their assortment of unique flavors but also offer traditional favorites like vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and mint chocolate chip to accommodate those with less adventurous taste buds.

For the more daring, the menu is filled with specialty flavors that range from things like Avocado and Cream to Banana Cream Daiquiri. However, the Creamery works to keep their menu fresh, which gives them the opportunity to introduce new, exciting flavors regularly as they experiment with new flavors like saffron created with orange blossom honey and Louisiana fig preserves.

Creol Creamery3

Take the Tchoupitoulas Challenge

Speaking of daring, the Creole Creamery has a huge sundae called the Tchoupitoulas. Anyone who can finish this mountain of ice cream without any help will be immortalized on the hall of fame plaque. For those who try but can’t finish, they’ll certainly enjoy the tasty challenge anyway.

The Creole Creamery’s menu changes often enough that they keep it current by using a chalk menu board. If you don’t see what you want, consider trying some of the Creole Creamery’s signature Creole Cream Cheese ice cream made with old-style sweet farmhouse cheese which is whipped into a velvety smooth ice cream. It is refreshingly different and could easily become your new favorite.

Creole Creamery has two locations. You’ll find them in the Uptown and Lakeview areas of New Orleans.

Photo Credits: WDSU News, John Wood, Dale Anton

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