Icenhauer Bar in Austin, Texas

July 14, 2011 by

Icenhauer’s Bar is located in a refurbished house at 83 Rainey Street in Austin, Texas.

It was originally built in 1895 as a traditional “wing and gable” house, it remained a family residence until 2009. Over the years, it was owned by numerous different families and, unfortunately, had fallen into brutal disrepair. But, it now has a new life and purpose.

In 2010, Michael Hsu Office of Architecture and Franklin-Alan Construction renovated this old house, saving as much of the original house as possible and adding new structure and interior. The entry way and the front two rooms of the house are original construction. The vinyl and paint were removed, revealing the original wood floors and walls. The foundation and remaining structure of the house are all new construction.

Menu items include a variety of specialty drinks with names such as: The Katie, The Shelby, The Linda and The Liz.

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