Iggy’s Restaurant, Singapore

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If you tried blindly to guess the name of the best restaurant in Asia, we’re pretty certain you wouldn’t come up with a name like “Iggy’s.” And yet, if the awards are to be believed, Iggy’s is indeed the very best.

Restaurant magazine’s World’s 50 Best Restaurants List, considered the Oscars of the worldwide restaurant industry, puts Iggy’s first in Asia and number 26 in the world. Iggy’s also takes first-place honors in the Miele Guide list of top Asian restaurants.

Chef Ignatius (Iggy) Chan has created a restaurant to be experienced like a work of art. The set menu of molecular gastronomy dishes benefits from a fusion of culinary discovery influenced by Singapore’s history as the crossroads of many cultures and traditions.

The food is visually spectacular. The ambiance is elegantly minimalist and very exclusive, with a main dining room for 28 people and a private room for 10. An open kitchen allows diners to watch the chefs create and present their culinary masterpieces.

Some diners grumble about inconsistent service, others about dishes that don’t live up to their storied reputation. Iggy’s fans say that’s nothing more than the usual instinct to attack an industry leader. If you’re unsure whether to give Iggy’s a try, in-the-know locals suggest visiting for lunch when the menu is more accessible and prices are lower.

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