Incanto Restaurant: a Rustic Italian Experience

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Incanto Nose to Tail Cooking

In the last 10 years, Incanto has earned a reputation for nose-to-tail cooking under the guidance of Award winning Chef Chris Cosentino who lives by the motto that no part of the animal being served should go to waste.

Along with these unique savory dishes, this rustic Italian restaurant offers a creative menu which features seasonal produce, handmade pastas, and a nice selection of classic appetizers and entrees.


A Menu to Be Proud Of

Patrons often ask if the food at Incanto represents the cuisine from a particular region in Italy.

The restaurant’s answer is, “Yes, the food we serve at Incanto represents a part of Italy that is called ‘California’.” This concept is represented with a menu based on foundational principles of Italian cooking which emphasizes the freshest and highest-quality local ingredients, considerate treatment of food, and a down-to-earth presentation that’s not overly fussy.

The menu changes daily depending on availability of ingredients, but almost always includes one or two dishes featuring ‘odd cuts’ and offal (internal organs). This tradition is thought to honor the entire animal and helps to carry on an important and often overlooked part of culinary heritage.

Incanto Pork

Sustainably Grown and Harvested Foods

While Incanto seeks to serve a deliciously unique cuisine, they also pride themselves on serving sustainably grown and harvested foods including meats, produce and seafood. It is their goal to “leave the world better off for future generations,” and they believe the “food tastes better when its ingredients are the product of thoughtful stewardship.”

With such a unique approach to preparing meals, what can you expect to see on the menu? Appetizers run from classic and simple to something new for most palates such as calf brains or beef bone marrow. It really is a great opportunity for a culinary adventure for patrons willing to try something new that’s really something old.

If you’re in San Francisco, this is one restaurant you’ll want to be sure to visit.

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