L’Opera Restaurant in Paris, France

August 17, 2011 by

It’s taken almost 150-years to realize its original design for a restaurant within the famed Palais Garnier – but alas in 2011 comes the restaurant inside that grand rotunda space that’s immediately become the toughest reservation in Paris. Designed by Odile Decq, the restaurant is concealed behind the pillars of the eastern facade within a glass sarcophagus supported by a single piece of steel. The multi-level restaurant features an upper mezzanine as dramatic as the best Puccini opera, with grand staircase lined in red carpet ready for its solo act.

Christophe Aribert of Grenoble’s 2-star Michelin ‘Les Terrasses’ creating traditional French dishes with local sourced products including an herb and honey garden on the rooftop. The menu is adapted from classic French dishes in true gastronomic style, reinvented around key ingredients sourced personally by the chef from his favorite food purveyors and growers. An additional bar space doesn’t disappoint, offering opera theme cocktails like a classic Martini Charles and Phantom by Martini.(via)

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