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Le Bernardin

New York’s Le Bernardin originated in Paris in 1972 where it only served only seafood dedicated to the cuisine of self-taught seafood wizard and part owner Gilbert Le Coze. He and his brother Gabriel named the restaurant after an order of monks who like to eat and drink, and a song their father sang to them often.

They started on a shoestring budget with their parents helping in the kitchen and by 1980, the restaurant moved to a larger location.In 1986 they made a move to New York and became a 4-star restaurant setting new standards in cooking seafood in America.



Exceptional but Expensive

If you’re in New York, Le Bernardin offers an exceptional dining experience with seafood prepared with a French flair to near perfection. Along with the food, the service is exceptional and the staff knowledgeable.

Add to that special touches like the little “seat” provided for women’s purses and it really is a one-of-a-kind dining experience that is well worth it. The downside for the average budget is the price.

Plan to lighten your bank account to pay for the gastronomical pleasure of dining at Le Bernardin with a full meal (aka Prix Fixe) costing more than $100. However, they stay busy with patrons willing to pay the price.


Layers of thinly pounded Yellowfin Tuna, Foie Gras

If the prices are a little steep for your pocketbook, the restaurant has added an extensive cocktail list and a lounge where patrons can order from a small-plate menu and no jacket is required.

With all these years of success, Le Bernardin remains focused on fish as the star of the plate, however, their menu has grown to include things like oysters, caviar and some small plates like smoked salmon croque-monsieur with caviar and gravlax.

The owners of Le Bernardin have stayed relevant since they opened by refreshing their look each year, but the latest “refresh” gave them a whole new look. If you haven’t been there recently, it’s worth a visit for a whole new experience.

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