Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament

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Medieval Times Feast

Eat Medieval style without silverware!

The Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament is more than an exotic dining experience, and more than entertainment. It’s the merging of a medieval banquet, unfolding drama, and a thrilling competition between knights which has become the number one dinner attraction in North America.

Medieval Times Castle

The Medieval Times Castle enterprise began back in 1973 in Majorca, Spain. Ten years later, they brought the Castle to North America with the Kissimmee, Florida Castle. It was an immediate success and today nine castles are in place across North America.

At the heart of the Medieval Times castle experience guests are transported to faraway lands where they are treated like royalty and share a four-course feast with King Philippe and his daughter-in-law, Princess Leonore.

Medieval Times California

The Royal Feast

The “royal feast” is served Medieval Times style as wenches and serfs scurry to deliver all four courses to hungry guests. This means no silverware but plenty of napkins; a unique experience that’s fun for the whole family. Beverages are served with the royal feast. For those looking for vegetarian fare, a vegetarian meal is available upon request.

The Royal Show

Along with the feast, guests are privy to a snowy rendezvous in the woods and witness an authentic medieval tournament complemented by authentic Hollywood-caliber special effects. Six armor-clad knights battle for the title of Champion on the back of well-trained pure-bred Spanish horses. These horses were prized for their strength, agility, and even temperament in medieval times.

Medieval Times, Dallas

Medieval Times, Dallas


If you’re looking for an action-packed dining experience, this Medieval Castle offers a thrilling experience in nine castle locations:

  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Buena Park, California
  • Dallas, Texas
  • Hanover, Maryland
  • Lyndhurst, New Jersey
  • Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
  • Orlando, Florida
  • Schaumburg, Illinois
  • Toronto, Ont., Canada

After the Show

After dinner, guests continue the adventure at the Knight Club where they can enjoy a full bar, spirited music, and if you’re game, a dance floor. Knights and Royalty are on hand to sign autographs and pose for pictures.

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  1. Julie C. says:

    My MIL took my son to see these and they both had a great time! Perfect for boys especially, and a wide age range appeal for kids from about 6 – 15.

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