Moro Restaurant in London, England

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Moro restaurant opened in 1997 lies at the heart of the lively street, Exmouth Market, in London, England.
The restaurant is known for its award-winning Moorish cuisine. It is popular not only with those who come to dine, but with those who come in to enjoy tapas, which are served throughout the day.
Moro is inspired by a cuisine that has its roots in Spain and the Muslim Mediterranean. Moro’s kitchen is energetic. The wood burning oven and charcoal grill are both fed throughout the day, and the scent of the sourdough bread baking encompasses the air. There are silent cultures of homemade yogurt, and fermenting vinegar hidden away from the constant clamor of the kitchen. Color, texture and taste are combined on the diner’s plate. The team are passionate about sherry, one of the greatest wines of the world. There is a rich variety to try, from the dry fino to the sweet Pedro Ximénez, all of which are served by the glass.

34 – 36 Exmouth Market
+44 (0)20 7833 8336

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