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Must Visit: Barolo, Italy

April 6, 2013 by


Barolo, Italy is a must visit in the Piemonte Region. It is most famous for it’s robust Barolo wines, made from the Nebbiolo grape that thrives in the soils of this region.

Everything here feels unique, yet inviting. Maybe it’s the narrow, cobblestone streets, the shop owners standing outside their shop doors, the flower pots scattered about, or the laundry hanging above as if it’s “just another day.”

It’s a cozy town, surrounded by endless seas of vineyards producing one of the most precious of the Italian wines.

While you’re not visiting vineyards, stop by the Museo de Cavatappi (Museum of Corkscrews) for an interesting view of some of the oldest corkscrews in history. A 4€ entry fee gets you inside and the bookstore offers an eclectic mix of wines of the regions, cookbooks, trinkets, and of course, corkscrews.


Or you could stop by Borgogno Winery, which sits right in town. For 15 € you can have a tour of the cellars and sample a 2007 and 1997 Barolo, two of the Barolos’ most impressive years. Enjoy your wine on their private roof-top deck for impressive 360 degree views of the town and region.


Visit the Da Vinci Cafe for a low cost lunch, and a cappuccino (10€ per person). For dinner, make your way to Ristorante La Cantinetta for an intimate, traditional Italian dinner (30€ per person).

Photo Source: Megan Mallen, Kat Ciamaichelo, Kat Ciamaichelo

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  1. Iain Mallory says:

    I’m a lover of Barolo wine, looks like you are a right a must visit destination.

  2. MomHomeGuide says:

    I would love to visit here — it sounds like a beautiful place!

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