New Las Vegas Denny’s to Include Wedding Chapel

September 4, 2012 by

The 24/7 diner chain, Denny’s, is hoping to attract a different kind of customer to its new Las Vegas location by offering more than just plates of eggs and fried potatoes. The all-American eatery is planning to offer up nuptial packages at a chapel tucked inside the new 6,400-square-foot restaurant.

The new flagship diner will open by the end of this year in downtown Las Vegas’ Neonopolis shopping complex. While Denny’s and weddings may seem like an odd pairing, CEO John Miller says the city is the perfect place for the unique restaurant, since it operates on the same 24-hour schedule.

Included in the eatery will be a full bar and an interactive photo booth, complete with Vegas-themed props, where happy couples can take some post-vow photos for their scrapbook.

Brides and grooms can also cut into a custom wedding cake, crafted from Denny’s famous Pancake Puppies (for those not in the know, they’re bite-sized round pancake balls).

Denny’s isn’t the first chain to come up with this idea. In 2011, McDonald’s rolled out nuptial packages that came complete with a baked apple pie wedding cake, dress made of party balloons and of course, McDonald’s catering, in Hong Kong.

photo credit: niiicedave, flickr

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