Nocti Vagus The Dark Restaurant in Berlin, Germany

February 24, 2011 by

You’ll find the finest sensuality and culinary delight in absolute darkness at Nocti Vagus in Berlin.
Discover your senses in a new special way into the realm of the fascinating darkness. With a delicious menu in the atmosphere of the Dark Restaurant Nocti Vagus you will be spoiled by culinary delights and a friendly team. Nocti Vagus boasts specially trained waiters, who are blind or visually handicapped, who assist you in a very sensitive way in the darkness.
Nocti Vagus offers a different menu every day. The patron can enjoy menus with meat, fish, poultry and for vegetarians. Or you can let yourself be enchanted by a surprise menu. All food comes fresh and prepared with stimulating spices.
While having your meal, you can enjoy a special and unique cultural program. Experience the first darkness stage of the world in the Dark Restaurant Nocti Vagus. Relaxing music, comedy, classical concerts, jazz concerts, dark theatre, a journey into the world of experience and mystery evenings.

Nocti Vagus is a treat for the senses that sometimes go neglected because of the powering sense of sight. You will not be able to see, but you will hear, smell, taste and feel at Nocti Vagus.

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