Noma Nordic Gourmet Restaurant in Copenhagen, Denmark

July 30, 2011 by

At Noma, they desire to offer their individual interpretation of Nordic gourmet cuisine with an pioneering gastronomic take on conventional cooking methods, superior Nordic produce and the heritage of their shared food legacy.
Noma is not about olive oil, foie gras, sun-dried tomatoes and black olives. It’s quite the opposite, they’ve been active exploring the Nordic regions discovering exceptional foods and bringing them back to Denmark: Icelandic skyr curd, halibut, Greenland musk ox, berries and water.

Above all, they want to be methodical in all that they do. Noma pays vigilant awareness to the qualities of their gastronomic tradition, but they also aim to produce something brand new. They want to discover the potential of milk and cream in contemporary cuisine and develop new takes on well-known and less well known types of cereal grains. They explore the countryside for berries and herbs that others would not bother with and work with foods that aren’t part of any system of formalized agriculture and as a result cannot be attained through normal channels of delivery.

They do their own salting, smoking, pickling, drying and grilling. Noma also prepares their own vinegars and make our own eaux de vies. Where other restaurants use wine in their sauces and soups, they routinely use beers and ales, fruit juices and fruit vinegars for freshness and flavor. When in season, fresh vegetables, herbs, spices and wild plants play a major role in their dishes.

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  1. Tariq says:

    I will definitely try out this restaurant when I’m in Denmark. Copenhagen is a beautiful city and I’m looking forward to visit it again! Till then..

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