Per Se Restaurant in New York City

March 9, 2011 by

Per Se is the urban interpretation of The French Laundry, it’s sister restaurant. You will see the connection in symbols (the blue door, the fireplace, the garden) and in the earth materials (wood, marble and granite, the rough copper floor tiles). You will also see a connection in the food, in the cornet, which opens all meals as it does at both restaurants, and the Oysters and Pearls, the French Laundry classic. Because of its location in the center of Manhattan, Per Se has its own distinct identity.

Per Se believes that “in the end, a great meal is not about the food and the wine. A great meal is an emotional experience.” Per Se tries to make it an extraordinary one by creating a beautiful place, one filled with a staff who care about it as they do their home, and care for you as the most important guest within it. The staff of Per Se is the foundation of what this restaurant was, is and what it will become.

Each day, Per Se creates two unique nine course tasting menus – a chef’s tasting and a tasting of vegetables – each a series of smaller, focused dishes that all feature distinct ingredients. What Per Se wants you to experience is a sense of surprise when you taste something so new, so exciting, so comforting, so delicious, you think “Wow!”

More on Per Se at No Salad as a meal.

Per Se
10 Columbus Cir., 4th fl., New York, NY 10019

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