Ramen Shop in Oakland a Popular Hot Spot

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Ramen Shop

Ramen lovers looking for casual dining with great taste can be found in droves at the Ramen Shop in Oakland.

If your concept of Ramen are the bricks of noodles found on grocery shelves, a visit to this popular Ramen hot spot will quickly transform your thinking. The Ramen Shop makes their noodles fresh daily, and surrounds them with local, in-season ingredients that offers taste that keeps patrons coming back.

The Ramen Shop Experience

The Ramen Shop gained instant popularity from the day they opened. Along with the food, you’ll find a cheerful, helpful staff that never makes you feel like you’re being rushed even with a queue of people waiting for your seat.

The restaurant itself is designed to give the feel of a noodle house in Japan with rough wood beams framing the dining room, black fabric ceilings, and an 18-seat Douglas fir counter and rough wood boxes holding chopsticks, spoons and brown paper napkins at the tables.

The Japanese styled décor follows through to the two-toned soup spoons, and the crates of vinyl records and record players on the side of the bar that offer a touch perfect for the Oakland scene.

Raman Shop Oakland

What to Expect

Because of the popularity of the Ramen Shop, expect to wait and hour or two before being seated. But after the wait, you can expect to enjoy freshly made ramen noodles in dishes from spicy black sesame tantanmen to shoyu Meyer lemon ramen topped with a spit-roasted slice of pork, or a garlicky vegetable miso ramen.

Desserts are generally unique ice cream sandwiches made with thin, crisp ginger cookies and black sesame ice cream, or thin layers of red velvet cake and cream cheese ice cream. Check out their menu online to see what else they have to offer.

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  1. Ruby T. says:

    Sounds delicious and a world away from the crappy ramen we used to eat in college when we had no money.

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