Restaurant 17 Offers a Fresh Unique Culinary Experience

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Restaurant 17

Chef Adam Cooke

Located in South Carolina’s northern Greenville County, at the feet of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Restaurant 17 offers a truly special culinary experience with a menu crafted using the freshest local ingredients.

Here, Chef Adam used his expertise to bring together this magical atmosphere with an impeccable cuisine that offers variety to please any palate.

Chef Adam Cooke

Chef Adam is inspired by fresh local ingredients and as a result, it is not unusual to find frequent changes in the menu based on the season. But no matter the season, his passion combines traditional cooking methods with innovative techniques to create a culinary experience that achieves artistic levels.

And even with changes, there’s one thing patrons can expect with every meal and that’s perfection.

My goal is to make the cuisine at Restaurant 17 a local expression of the finest international dishes, just as George and Rich have made Hotel Domestique an extension of their international heritage and experience.” — Chef Adam

Signature cocktails

Restaurant 17 offers a selection of signature cocktails.

Restaurant 17 Menu

The Restaurant 17 menu offers snacks, small meal plates, large meal plates, as well as desserts.

The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner with a lunch menu that features light items like the Smoked Trout Salad which is served with olive vinaigrette, goat cheese and Brioche toast, or something a little more substantial like the Burger Domestique which is served on an onion-Brioche bun and topped with lettuce, white cheddar and house pickles.

Dinners include a wide range of dishes, with favorites like seared scallops and crispy sweetbreads, and roasted garlic and bone marrow tortellini. You can view their entireĀ menu online to see all the delicious possibilities before you are seated.

Signature Cocktails

Restaurant 17 is also known for its selection of signature cocktails which are also known to incorporate some local flavors. For instance, “The Angus” is made using green chartreuse, burnt honey, and a little bit of bitters while the Tita is an old fashioned fizz made from blood orange juice, tequila, kumquats, and pickled jalapeno and served in a stemmed glass.

No matter which you choose, it will be an adventure for your tongue.

Reservations for Restaurant 17 can be made online, or you can call 864-516-1715.

Photo credits: Hotel Domestique, Hotel Domestique

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