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Rojo y Blanca at The Bazaar is a restaurant for those seeking chic decor, a glamorous setting, and a passionately created menu. Chef Jose Andres combines the traditional tapas of Spain with the bold flavors of modern cuisine.

The two dining rooms at Rojo y Blanca are starkly contrasted. Dark rich walls with blazon red accents offer a sultry setting while crisp whites against delicate woods provide the romance.

Equally inviting is the exceptional menu featuring both traditional and modern tapas that you’ll have a hard time sharing. Don’t miss the Latas y Conservas, traditional preserved foods, or the fancy selection of “little sandwiches.”

Enjoy a classic sangria or a Spanish wine with your meal, and when you’re finished, stop by the Bar Centro Terrace for an aperitif or a handpicked cigar.

The Bazaar hosts two locations: Beverly Hills and South Beach. For more information, visit here.

Photo Source: Rojo y Blanca

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