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Rose’s Luxury Serves Up Farmhouse-style Dining with Panache

January 9, 2015 by

Rose's Luxury

Patrons wait to get into Rose’s Luxury.

If you’re vacationing in Washington, D.C., Rose’s Luxury is one restaurant you’ll want to be sure to visit. It was voted the number one restaurant on Bon Appetit‘s “Hot 10, 2014” list.

The man behind the success and popularity of Rose’s Luxury is chef and owner Aaron Silverman. The reason behind the success is that he focuses his creativity on the menu, but he cares even more about the people who visit his establishment.

Silverman planned the restaurant for years. He gradually collected vintage glasses and other items to add that special something and he tested different dishes looking for those he’d want to add to his menu.

The name of his restaurant honors his foodie grandmother. The “Luxury” part of the name is related to his fascination with true hospitality which he says is “about being taken care of, and making people happy.” They even serve solo diners one complimentary dish.

Rose's Rooftop Dining

Rooftop dining at Rose’s Luxury

Affordable Farm Style Dining Room

The menu is broken into two categories: small dishes and family style. In all there are 12 small dishes that include cold options, grilled foods, pasta, and a selection of other delicious dishes all of which are reasonably priced for $14 or less.

The family style dishes come in large amounts shared by others dining with you. These menu items include things like Lemongrass-shellfish stew, fennel salad and garlic bread, smoked brisket and more.

Roses Brisket

Dine in the Private Rooftop Garden

For a unique experience, Rose’s Luxury offers 8-10 guests a night, the opportunity to dine upstairs on their Private Roof Garden between 6:00 p.m. and closing.

For this experience, you’ll have your own private server. It costs $125 per person for the meal and does not include drinks, tax, or tip. Reservations for rooftop dining can be made 3 weeks in advance every Monday, and can be made through their website. A $200 deposit is required which is applied to your balance.


Rose’s Luxury is situated on 8th Street SE, Barracks Row. You can get there by taking the Orange/Blue Metro Line (Eastern Market), Circulator Bus or I-395 (at 6th Street). Expect a line.,

Photo credits: Bon Appétit, Roses Luxury, Bon Appétit

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