Rustic Kitchen Boston

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Rustic Kitchen Menu

The Rustic Kitchen in Boston’s Park Square serves up a unique Italian-Mediterranean menu prepared fresh each day. You may have seen the Rustic Kitchen on television, because on Friday nights “The Cooking Show” broadcasts from the restaurant’s one-of-a-kind kitchen studio.

Rustic Kitchen Menu

What to Expect at the Rustic Kitchen Boston

As the name suggests, when you step into the Rustic Kitchen, you’ll be greeted with rustic savory aromas in a comfortable bistro-style setting. While the restaurant can seat more than 300 people, they offer four rooms set apart for private dining.

However, many enjoy seating in the bar/café where the hearth Woodstone oven is part of the draw. There patrons watch with fascination as handmade pastas are being made.

If that’s not your thing, you can always choose to watch a game on the 57″ TV while sipping one of the Rustic Kitchen’s award-winning cocktails in the Atrium lounge.

The Cooking Show

The Rustic Kitchen Boston is home of The Cooking Show.

The Cooking Show

The Cooking Show, hosted by Liz Bramwell, broadcasts from the Rustic Kitchen’s broadcast kitchen studio on Friday Nights. There is room for 22 paying guests ($75 each) who get to see how to prepare the meal and pair it with wine.

The Cooking Show is booked way in advanced, so if you hope to take part, call Kathy at 617-423-5700 or email at [email protected] for more information or the current wait.

Rustic Kitchen

Be sure to save room for dessert.

Rustic Kitchen Menu

The Rustic Kitchen menu isn’t set in stone. Rather, dishes are inspired by the local ingredients available. Ingredients inspire fresh dishes offering rich New England flavors for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

No matter when you visit, though, you’ll find options that are both diverse and delicious.

Rustic Kitchen Menu

Make Reservations

The Rustic Kitchen Boston is a well-known and popular place to eat out. Be sure to call ahead for reservations so you aren’t disappointed by the wait.

  • Rustic Kitchen Boston
  • 210 Stuart Street
  • Boston, MA 02116-5426
  • For Reservations please call 617-423-5700

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