Sustainable Eats: Adam’s Mountain Cafe

March 12, 2013 by

Dining at Adam’s Mountain Cafe in Manitou Springs, Colorado is always a unique experience. From the flavors of the local ingredients to the peaceful sound of the babbling Ruxton Creek, all your senses will be enticed.

Adam’s is a locals favorite for many reasons. They cater to the appetite for local food and sustainability by purchasing most of their foods from local farms and reducing waste by not providing straws or condiment packets. Instead, sugar and honey are provided in pottery made by local artists.

The food is cooked slow, in support of the “Slow Food Movement,” and organization whose sole purpose is to put an end to the fast paced lifestyle, starting with the dinner table. They do not use processed/prepared foods, but rather rely on their cooks who artfully cook each meal as ordered.

It will take you a while to decide what to order since everything on the menu sounds delicious. Visit their website to see “Adam’s Greatest Hits,” a list of favorite dishes each month.

Some recent favorites include: Corn Pancakes with Pure Maple Syrup and Brazilian Baramundi with Coconut Sauce (Baramundi is one of the most sustainably farmed fish). The menu is 70% vegetarian, and they are pleased to cater to most dietary preferences. They even carry gluten free beers for their gluten sensitive customers.

Bottom line, if you’re visiting Colorado, you don’t want to miss this restaurant. Opt to sit on the patio, enjoy a glass of wine or local beer, and watch the colorful life of Manitou Springs while you wait for your Slow Cooked Meal.

For more information, visit Adam’s Mountain Cafe.

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