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Taco Fusion Moving to Ybor City August 1

July 24, 2013 by

TacoFor the culinary adventurous, Taco Fusion in Tampa, Florida has offered one-of-a-kind Mexican dishes with a Japanese twist that can’t be found anywhere else. But that’s about to change.

As of August 1, they’ll be making their new home in Ybor City, and they’ve got grand opening plans in the works. What they are, they won’t say. It’s all on the hush-hush until they open their doors at their new location.

Safari Tacos for Those on the Hunt for Premium Game Meats

While Taco Fusion is known for their variety of salsa specialties like mango, raspberry, sangria, passion colada, and fresh roast chipotle, that’s just the beginning of what your taste buds can expect to experience.

The premium game meats used in Taco Fusion’s Safari Tacos are really the talk of the town, and a real draw to visitors to the Tampa Bay area. Lion tacos are probably their most notable dish, and while they did cause a bit of an uproar when they were introduced, they’ve become a traditional favorite worth trying.

Some have asked if they’ll still be available at their new location, and the answer is yes.

Taco2Other wild game meats include ostrich, bison, rattler, scorpion, soft shell crab, Asian duck, yak, antelope, octopus, reindeer, and wild boar, and are prepared to order right before your eyes.

All the meats used in the restaurant are free range and hormone free game meats. To find out current prices and availability ask the cashier, or check their website because availability and price vary.

What’s on the Menu?

For those who aren’t quite ready to try some of the more exotic dishes offered, the chef’s at Taco Fusion love to experiment and come up with delectable new menu ideas.

There’s one thing for sure, when you open their menu, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to try something new even if it is a little more traditional!

Photo credits: Marshall Astor – Food FetishistJames Willamor

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