Talkeetna Roadhouse

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Talkeetna, Alaska is a rare sort of town. There are fewer than 1,000 local residents — far outnumbered by the tourists who pass through each summer on cruise tours, on the drive to Denali, or while exploring the area.

Talkeetna definitely caters to those tourists, but it still manages to feel like a real town, where real people live. In fact, the town’s quirky charm was reportedly the model for the offbeat Alaskan town in the ’90s TV show Northern Exposure.

No place in Talkeetna exemplifies this welcome-all feel quite like the Roadhouse. In high season, you’ll find tourists and locals packed elbow-to-elbow at the family-style tables. (Winter is nearly all locals.) Everything in the restaurant and bakery is made from scratch, with bread baked in the same pans they’ve used for over 40 years.

Breakfast is a big hit, with enormous sourdough pancakes, famous cinnamon rolls, and “eggs any way you want them (as long as they’re scrambled).” The afternoon might find a tourist sampling reindeer chili or a local dropping by the bakery for take-home pie.

Alaskan roadhouses were traditionally stopping places where trappers, miners, and other adventurers could get a meal, a shower, and maybe a bed for the night. True to its history, modern hikers and campers can still count on the Roadhouse for a hot shower, a load of laundry, or a comfortable bed to go with that tasty cinnamon roll.

Image: Talkeetna Roadhouse on Facebook

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