The French Laundry in Napa Valley, California

March 17, 2011 by

The French Laundry is a unique American restaurant, located in Yountville in Napa Valley California, whose inspiration lies in the countryside of France.

A great meal is an emotional experience, which extends farther than just the food and wine. The French Laundry tries to make the dining experience an extraordinary one by creating a beautiful place, one filled with a staff who cares about it as they do their own home. The chefs of The French Laundry are fanatical about the culinary details and fundamental techniques that are the foundation of an exciting culinary imagination and a kitchen that delivers the very best products of this earth to the table.

Every day The French Laundry creates two unique nine-course tasting menus, chef’s tasting and a tasting of vegetables, each a series of smaller, focused dishes. No single ingredient is repeated throughout the meal. The goal of The French Laundy is to leave you wanting one more bite but then the next plate arrives with a new and exciting taste to excite your palate.

The French Laundry
in Yountville California
707 944 2380

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