The World’s Most Expensive Tasting Menu: L’Arpege, Paris

June 26, 2012 by

In the mood for a $465 dinner? Head to L’Arpege in Paris to dine and experience the world’s most expensive tasting menu. According to, L’Arpege ranks number one for priciest bites.

Perhaps this is because of chef Alain Passard’s reputation as the man the reinvented the vegetable, or because the produce used at L’Arpege is grown on a bio-dynamic farm outside of Paris and harvested each morning before being put on a high-speed train to the city in time for lunch.

The dinner tasting menu includes items like rump of veal, Lanyard lobster, and of course, plenty of vegetables. L’Arpege clearly takes fresh to a whole new level.

Passard is indeed a connoisseur of vegetables, having formally declared that L’Arpege’s menu is entirely dedicated to the leafy greens, legumes and other more exotic vegetables that make up the restaurants acclaimed menu.

A living object is also placed on each table, reminding guests that “gastronomy is never far from nature,” according to Passard himself. Passard has been at L’Arpege for 20 years, his life’s work being sampled by eager diners each day.

If you can stomach the price tag for the tasting menu at L’Arpege, it’s sure to be a memorable experience for your palate. At the very least, browse “In the Kitchen with Alain Passard,” a book written by Christophe Blain after shadowing Passard for over two years in the kitchens and gardens that Passard calls home.

Photo source: L’Arpege

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