Where to Eat in London: Traditional British Fare

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Full English Breakfast

Full English Breakfast at the Delaunay

London offers up a world of ethnic options but with all those choices, can you still find traditional London fare? The answer is, “Yes!” If you’re in the mood for those traditional London dishes you’ll be happy to find them scattered around the city.

M. Manze Pie and Mash

Pie and mash are considered traditional working class foods. If you’re up for trying this dish, for an authentic eating experience, it pays to go to M Manzes where they serve pie, mash, and eels (jellied or stewed).

They still use the same recipes they used in 1902! Their pies are made with homemade pastry and fresh minced beef and baked fresh daily in traditional stone ovens. The mash (mashed potatoes) is also made fresh each day. No pre-processed foods are used. The potatoes are peeled and cooked right there.

Pies in Oven

M Manze pies made with homemade pastry, fresh minced beef and baked in traditional stone ovens.

Full English Breakfast at the Delaunay

The Delaunay is just a short walk from busy Covent Garden. It’s a grand European cafĂ© that serves a full English breakfast on its breakfast menu. While it isn’t the most healthy choice, if you want to splurge and enjoy a full English breakfast the Delaunay serves up “The Full English” with your choice of fried, poached or scrambled eggs served with bacon, sausage, tomato, black pudding, baked beans, and mushrooms. Reservations are recommended.

Bill’s is another option for a full English breakfast. Located at St Martin’s Courtyard off Long Acre, their breakfast also includes a traditional side of “bubble and squeak.”

Albion Cafe

The Albion Cafe offers typical British food including fish and chips, pies, puddings, and more.

Where to Find Bangers and Mash in London

Bangers and mash (sausage and mashed potatoes) can be eaten at a number of restaurants. If we eliminate chain restaurants, that narrows the choices.

The Albion makes an excellent choice. It not only offers bangers and mash but an entire menu of typical British food including fish and chips, pies, puddings, and more. The late-night menu also features Welsh rabbit, kedgeree and hot chocolate with shortbread.

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