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Body and Soul Adventures, Brazil

May 14, 2012 by

For some people, a spa getaway means lying in a hammock, sipping iced tea between yoga class and a massage appointment. Body and Soul Adventures is not for those people.

Set in the impossibly beautiful coastal mountains of Paraty, a few hours’ drive from Rio de Janeiro, Body and Soul Adventures calls itself an “adventure retreat.” Its six-day programs offer an intense physical and mental detox based around healthy eating and active pursuits like rainforest hiking and ocean kayaking.

We know the local area sounds suspiciously like “Party,” but forget your image of the Brazilian high life. At Body and Soul, you won’t find alcohol, caffeine, meat, or anything else harmful to the body’s metabolism. But you’ll be so awe-struck by the natural beauty on all sides, you won’t miss it.

Or maybe you’ll just be too exhausted from all that yoga, hiking, and kayaking to notice.

One of those.

Body and Soul Adventures does share a few things with the classic spa vacation.¬†Guests have private en suite rooms in a house with amazing views of Paraty Bay. Meals are an international fusion based around fresh local fruits and vegetables. And there are yoga sessions — 75-minutes, twice a day — and daily massages as well.

Each week tops out at eight guests. Rates start at $2,250 per person — surprisingly reasonable for a week-long all-inclusive spa vacation, and even more shocking given that celebrities like Ashley Judd and Julia Roberts are reported fans.

Images: Body and Soul Adventures on Facebook

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