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Furama Spa in Singapore

July 5, 2011 by

One of our biggest summer indulgences is, of course, traveling. And when we’re on the go, we enjoy getting a little pampered here and there. Who doesn’t, right? So we’re totally captivated by the new spa design for the popular Furama hotels in Asia.

The spa continues the same chic and stylish ethos that the Furama hotel chain is known for. There is a soothing, Zen-like appeal to the overall space, which feature vertical gardens and various plantings that provide a sense of outdoor living within the bright and airy spa.

The spacious and open layout of the spa includes indoor and outdoor lounges with cabanas and shower pods as well as steam rooms, massage rooms, and a hydrotherapy room. All of these spaces are houses inside circular structures that are arrayed throughout the spa. With paneled walls, these circular rooms have a pod-like appeal to them, which gives the overall spa a futuristic vibe.(via)

While the massage rooms can be closed off by partition panels and curtains plants and indoor ponds find their way into some of the pods with deep massive soaking tubs, giving each of those spaces with a hint of the verdant outdoors.

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