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Restore Balance with a Visit to the Miraval Spa in Arizona

November 23, 2012 by

The Miraval Spa

The Miraval Spa offers a Girls’ Getaway Package

The Miraval Spa in Arizona offers a luxurious setting ready to pamper and help you relax, but it offers more than that. It’s the perfect environment to challenge yourself to find balance in your life.

Oprah Winfrey

Learn from Oprah’s Miraval Spa experience.

Learn from Oprah’s Visits

Oprah Winfrey and a group of 60 women took advantage of Miraval Spa’s Girls’ Getaway Package and enjoyed a  five-day getaway in Tuscon. The group included hard-working moms, wives, and daughters who could use a break from day-to-day stress.

For those five days, they had the opportunity and luxury, of putting themselves first, but it wasn’t as easy for everyone as you might think. Even Oprah admitted she had visited the Miraval Spa several times, but on her previous trips she had only taken advantage of the treatments, massages, and feel-good services.

When she arrived with her group, she took on the challenge of restoring balance to life.

Ultimate Ayurvedic Treatment

Ultimate Ayurvedic Treatment

How Balance is Restored

Restoring balance is accomplished from the inside as well as the outside. It’s an experience that’s both challenging and rewarding. Like Oprah, you can always visit just to enjoy the luxury and pampering.

However, if you decide to visit the Miraval Spa in search of balance, you’ll find activities that test you both mentally and physically. For instance, you’ll be expected to set a goal for each day’s exercise. Not necessarily what you’ll do for exercise, but what you expect to get out of it. For example, you’re goal might be to feel happier.

Along with learning to think differently, specialized massages are designed to help loosen toxins and boost circulation. Natural ingredients are selected to cleanse and balance energy.

To relax you even more, the Ultimate Ayurvedic Treatment pours heated oil on your forehead which helps balance the nervous system.

All Inclusive Packages

All inclusive packages offer great value.

Discounts and Packages Available

Discounts offered do change, but currently you can ask about the Miraval Spa’s morning menu spa treatment when you call to book. This offer gives guests a 20% discount when a second treatment is booked for the same day.

Guests can also save by taking advantage of all-inclusive packages. Rates are based on a per person, per night basis, but they include your accommodations, transportation to and from the airport, meals and snacks, and a $150 credit to apply to spa services and treatments.

Whether you’re looking for balance, or just a touch of luxury in your life, this is the place to find it.

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