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Rum in the Mountains

March 8, 2013 by

“Montanya” is a fitting name for a rum distillery set in the mountains of Crested Butte, Colorado, which sits at 8,885ft. Seem odd, to have a rum distillery in Colorado?

The temperature fluctuations at this altitude help flavor the rum by forcing it in and out of the oak barrel pores. Plus, the crystal clear mountain water and rich minerals from the mountains add an extra edge.¬†One sip of of Montanya rum and you’ll be hooked.

Crested Butte can be brutally cold. Fortunately, the distillery will keep you warm, whether it’s the rum, or the tasting room which is kept a comfortable temperature using heat captured from the stills.

The cocktails at Montanya scream of artistic mastery. For a fruity flavor, try the Thai Boxer. If you want something with a little kick, test your limits with the Jalamango Martini.

Getting to Crested Butte can be a little tricky. The closest airport is an hour away. From there, you’ll have to hop a bus or drive the windy mountain pass into town.

Once you get there, you’ll want to stay forever. Hopefully you get there right before a major snow dump so you can ski powder all day at Crested Butte Mountain, and then relax with a “Gingerlee” at Montanya.

Image Source: Montanya

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