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Secluded Luxury: Peter Island Resort & Spa, British Virgin Islands

August 9, 2012 by

Peter Island Resort & Spa

Tropical vacations typically fall into one of two categories: one of revelry, camaraderie and inclusive fun with fellow travelers, or one of seclusion, romance and ultimate exclusivity.

Peter Island Resort and Spa in the British Virgin Islands luxuriously falls into the latter segment, with its 32 rooms, 20 suites and three individual villas. For the ultimate in privacy, the resort offers the opportunity to rent out the entire island and every accommodation it encompasses.

Peter Island Resort & Spa

If clearing out the entire resort is a smidge too rich for one’s tastes, but discretion and tropical succulence are still a priority, Peter Island offers romantic meals sans waiters and fellow guests in the form of prepared candlelight dinners and picnics on its shores.

For those seeking out some company, the weekly vintner’s dinner in the Tradewinds Wine Room offers a little social interaction to ease the intensity of a one-on-one getaway.

Peter Island Resort & Spa

The island offers adventures, too, at whatever octane level one might prefer. From biking, hiking and underwater photography excursions to diving, snorkeling, paddleboarding and kayaking, there’s no shortage of reasons to frolic in the sun-kissed water.

To ease stress from the muscles and sting from the skin, a world-class spa offers a host of traditional treatments, while hammocks dot the island, beckoning visitors to stop for a snooze and relax amid the trees.

A refreshing upscale alternative to the more commonplace cruise or family resort, this quiet island sings an ode to seclusion with its breezes and sea sounds — the utmost in easy sophistication, tucked into a tropical paradise.

Photo credits: Peter Island Resort and Spa

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