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Walking in a Winter Wonderland: A Trio of Ice Cold Getaways

January 4, 2013 by


With temperatures across the U.S. dropping to mind-boggling lows over the holidays, some of us can only dream of warm, tropical locales while others among us can’t help but embrace the cold and all the cozy indoor opportunities it offers.

Since we’ve all vowed (via our New Year’s resolutions, of course) to travel as much as possible in the new year, we thought we’d kick things off with a trio of hotels that use a good winter chill to their advantage.



Sweden’s famed ICEHOTEL is perhaps one of the most iconic locations used in pre-blonde Bond history, as it inspired the ice palace used in the 2002 film from the 007 series, “Die Another Day.”

Located in Jukkasjärvi, Kiruna, the Swedish hotel is rebuilt each year of ice derived from the Torne River. A typical January night’s accommodation is around $500.

2. Hotel Kakslauttanen

Hotel Kakslauttanen's Igloo Village in northern Lapland

Ever wondered what it might be like to stay the night in an igloo? Here’s your chance.

Nestled into the snowy terrain of Saariselka, Finland, the Hotel Kakslauttanen allows visitors to sleep in modern glass or traditional snow igloos, giving them perfect views of the northern lights and nature in general. A typical January night’s accommodation is around $470.

3. The Tschuggen Bergoase Hotel and Spa

Tschuggen Bergoase Spa

Some may beat the chill outside with a cup of Swiss Miss hot chocolate; others take things a bit more literally when it comes to warming up in true Swiss fashion.

The Tschuggen Bergoase Hotel and Spa, one of Switzerland’s finest five-star resorts, boasts 32 suites and junior suites overlooking the snowcapped forests of Arosa, with an architectural uniqueness worth at least a double take. A typical January night’s accommodation is around $1,700.

Photo credits: ICEHOTEL (first and second images), Hotel Kakslauttanen and Tschuggen Bergoase Hotel and Spa

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