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Why France Remains Top International Destination

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France continues to be the number one tourist destination in the world. In 2013, almost 85 million visitors made a visit despite the sluggish economic climate still plaguing Americans. What is it that France offers that keep tourists coming so faithfully?

Mediterranean Beaches

The Mediterranean coast offers some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and from Brittany to Corsica, France offers an incredible selection to choose from. Whether you’re a naturist, diver, camper, or looking for a beach to bring your family to, France’s beaches feature something for everyone.

For those who enjoy the majestic beauty of the beaches but aren’t interested in snorkeling, windsurfing, sunning and other such activities, there’s always the opportunity to enjoy a tour of Normandy Beach to learn about history and still enjoy the stunning views.

French Alps

Ski the French Alps

Skiable Mountain Ranges

France is one of Europe’s top skiing destinations with the French-Italian Alps offering eternal snow at the summit of Mont Blanc, and the broadest selection of skiing opportunities anywhere in Europe for either downhill or cross-country skiing.

Palace of Versalles

Palace of Versalles

Architectural Heritage

France imparts a rich, diverse and striking cultural heritage and is one of the big reasons people plan to visit.

French architecture from Baroque (Palace of Versalles), or older classic architecture like that of the Palais du Luxembourg in Paris, France offers such a rich inventory of things to see that you can never see it all. The architectural heritage is complemented with paintings, sculptures, and other artistic elements for a breathtaking experience that keeps people coming back for more.

Along with all this, France offers tourist attractions like Euro Disney and Versailles, too. Overall, they welcomed 2 percent more visitors in 2013 than the previous year. With more than 500,000 French employed by the tourist trade, their popularity is good news for the economy.

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