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Winter Enchantment in Tallinn Estonia

November 30, 2012 by

Tallin Estonia Old Town

Tallin Estonia Old Town

Snow-covered gabled rooftops, high walls, and ancient towers in Tallinn, Estonia’s Medieval Old Town are a sight to behold. Add flickering candlelight dancing across cobblestone lanes and it creates an enchanting quality visitors will not soon forget.

This ancient city does not hibernate when the snow falls, but offers plenty to do and see in the winter months.

Explore Tallinn the Estonian Capital

While Tallinn’s Old Town is a favorite destination for Tallinn tourism, the city offers diversity from medieval charm to modern Tallinn. Tours are available to take it all in with a knowledgeable guide that starts with a walking tour through Old Town, and concludes with a driving tour of the surrounding suburbs.

For those who like to do things at their own pace and minus a small crowd, several self-guided tours are available, or you can take advantage of Atko’s hop-on, hop-off tour bus service which offers three different routes.

The first one takes in Old Town, the second line covers cultural sites including the Kumu Art Museum and the National Opera, and the third line introduces guests to the beautiful coastline and nature areas. No matter how you plan to explore Tallinn, expect a full experience.

Tallinn Estonia Ski Track

Winter Activities

From December through March, Tallinn Estonia offers plenty of fun for those who enjoy winter activities outdoors.

Cross Country Skiing: Cross country skiing is probably the most popular winter activity in the Estonian Capital of Tallinn. The crisp winter air, pine-trees with snow-laden boughs combined with well-maintained and brightly lit ski tracks make for a perfect setting for cross country skiers.

For those who have never skied, instruction is available and equipment can be rented.

Tallinn Estonia Snowshoeing

Snowshoeing: Snowshoeing is another popular winter activity in Tallinn, Estonia. A guided snowshoe tour is the perfect way to hike through forests and bogs and breathe in the breathtaking Estonian landscape.

Snowshoeing tours last for 2-3 hours, and with the help of the guide you’re sure to spot a number of animals in their natural environment.

Skating: Skating is fun for the whole family and Tallinn Estonia offers the picturesque option of skating on the outdoor rink in Old Town. Don’t forget to bring your camera!

Tallin Estonia Skating

Tallinn Estonia Charm

Tallinn Estonia offers a nostalgic charm. If you time your visit right, you can enjoy shopping at the old-fashioned Christmas Market, and take your time sipping hot, spiced wine in a cozy café. Along with all this, Tallinn offers a full schedule of concerts, a jazz festival and more. Check with Estonia tourism for up-to-date information.

Photo credits: Dirk Heitepriem,  Martti_,Aivar

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