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Wroclaw Poland—Poland’s Venice

November 12, 2012 by

Wroclaw Town Hall

Wroclaw Town Hall built in the 13th-16th centuries.

Wroclaw Poland not only offers a picturesque holiday backdrop, but plenty of things to do. This unusual city is actually built on several islands connected by more than 100 bridges.

The city’s bridges, canals and lush riverfront  leave no question as to why Wrocław has been dubbed Poland’s Venice. Whether you enjoy history, love to go skiing, or want to dance the night away, Wroclaw is one of the cities in Poland that offers it all.

Astronomical Clock at the Town Hall

Astronomical Clock at the Town Hall

Things to Do and See

When visiting Wroclaw Poland, you don’t want to miss an opportunity to spend some time in Old Town. Old Town is steeped in history and features shopping, dining venues, and plenty of drinking establishments.

This part of the city dates back to the 13th century, and is where the Market Square is located. While the Market Square was almost totally destroyed in the Second World War, the buildings there are authentic reconstructions.

Wroclaw’s Town Hall adjoins the Square. While construction of this building started in the 13th century, it wasn’t finished until the 16th century so it highlights a mix of architectural styles. Stand in front of the Town Hall, and look up. You’ll see the famous astronomical clock. In all, the old city is compact, easy to walk, and offers loads to do.

In the same area, you can view a monument known as the pillory. The original purpose of this monument was punishment and public humiliation. Petty criminals were publicly flogged or faced other forms of punishment like branding or having an ear cut off.

360 degree painting of the battle of Racalawice

360 degree painting largest in the world depicts the battle of Racalawice

Other must-see sights in Wroclaw Poland include the Panorama Raclawicka—the largest painting in the world. It is housed in a round building (Rotunda) designed specifically to hold this masterpiece. Other attractions include a bear fountain, which is thought to bring good luck to those who touch the bear’s nose.

Wroclaw Bear Fountain

Touch the nose of the Bear Fountain for good luck.

Ski Black Mountain

If you visit Wroclaw in the winter, nearby Black Mountain offers one of the best ski resorts in Poland, Czarna Gora. This resort is locate in Śnieżnik Massif and offers modern amenities. Along with skiing for beginner and experienced skiers, the resort also accommodates snowmobiles, cross-country skiing, and snowboarding.

Castles and Museums

Wroclaw is located in a region which features medieval, renaissance, and baroque castles you can visit, many of which are set up for conferences and business gatherings. Along with castles, you’ll also find a variety of museums including the National Museum and the Museum of Architecture. Both are worth a visit.

Wroclaw Poland is a rich cultural center with plenty to offer any visitor.

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