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Yunessan Spa House a Delicious Spa Experience

June 29, 2015 by

Spa Ramen Noodles

Ramen Noodle Bath

The Yunessan Spa House in Japan is part of a large spa resort that offers 25 different kinds of spa related services.

The main spa facility is The God’s Aegean Sea which features a Mediterranean theme with ancient Roman baths, but along with more traditional spa treatments, the Yunessan Spa House also offers water attractions including waterfalls and three types of water slides.

However, this spa is known for some uniquely different spa opportunities including ramen noodle baths and other equally unusual treatments.

Ramen Noodle Bath

Most of us remember ramen noodles as the food we survived on during college, but here you can soak in pork broth loaded with Ramen. It is thought that the collagen in the broth is good for the skin but some admit it’s a rather “gooey” experience.

Wine Spa

Wine Spa

Wine Spa

Another interesting spa bath is filled with red wine. This wine bath is marketed as a rejuvenation treatment for the body. It is said that the Cleopatra loved to bath in wine.

Regular wine pouring performances take place a few times a day as they add real wine to your bath.

Yuneesun Spa

Yuneesun Spa

Green Tea Spa

The Yuneesun green tea spa includes a huge six-and-a-half foot tall tea pot and a bath of green tea harvested from the foot of the Tanzawa and Hakone mountains.

Green tea is known for its health benefits and in this case its good for the skin. The spa suggests that the powerful anti-oxidant Catechin found in the tea enhances the immune system and fight tumors.

Coffee Spa

The coffee spa is another unique spa experience that includes three performances throughout the day as coffee made with hot spring water is added to the bath.

The coffee bath is thought to be an effective treatment for fatigue, so if you’re suffering from jet lag, this is the one for you as the smell of the coffee will help perk up your senses.

The Yuneesun offers fun the entire family can enjoy and certainly something unique to tell your friends about when you get back home.

Photo credits: Di Asia, mostniceplaces, mostniceplaces

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