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Video: The Best Places for Inexpensive SCUBA Diving Vacations

SCUBA diving can be an expensive sport, but TC Newman (@PurpleTCNewman) shows you some budget dive spots.

Video: Top Vacation Pick a Canadian Hidden Gem

For an affordable unique vacation experience check out New Brunswick, Canada, for island hopping in the Bay of Fundy, hiking, fishing, kayaking and whale watching to exploring quaint fishing village and enjoying fresh seafood. Come along with Karen Schaler, the Emmy award-winning creator of Travel Therapy TV, as she shows us the Top 20 Reasons your want to Visit New Brunswick now.

Video: Riding the U.S.-Mexico Border with an Arizona Cowboy

Horseback ride along the U.S.-Mexico border with an Arizona cowboy. Host Darley Newman saddles up from Rancho de La Osa, a historic hacienda, to explore the rugged terrain beside Sasabe in the high Sonoran Desert. Get a different view of the wall and this part of the country, whose rich history is often times overshadowed by controversy.

Top 5 Adventure Travel Blogs

Looking for a little adventure to awaken your senses and reinvigorate your mind and body? These top 5 adventure travel blogs will give you the advice, tips, suggestions and reviews you need to get out there and start exploring.

1. Beyond The Edge: National Geographic Adventure Blog

Written by top adventure enthusiasts worldwide, the National Geographic adventure blog “Beyond the Edge” profiles top adventure athletes, provides news in the adventure travel industry, gives trip ideas and advice about adventure travel.

This is a handy resource for anyone that is looking into adventure travel, or is already immersed in the adventure travel sector.

2. Gadling

The Adventure Travel section of the Gadling blog is a great place to find posts about adventure travel and extreme sports. One of the main draws of this site is also the weird news bits from around the world, and the trip ideas from places you’ve never thought of traveling before.

Gadling also publishes information about adventure expeditions that are happening worldwide, so you can plan out adventure travel vacations around these happenings.

3. The Adventure Journal

The Adventure Journal is a comprehensive adventure travel blog that has everything from gear reviews to featured athletes. Check this blog often if you want the latest in adventure sports stories, events and photos.

4. Never Stop Exploring: North Face Blog

The official blog of The North Face features exquisite photos, posts and videos from travelers around the world. In the spirit of North Face, the blog is rugged and fun.

5. The Dirtbag Diaries

The Dirtbag Diaries blog is written by Fitz Cahall and is presented in podcast form for those that would rather listen to their adventure travel and sports material than read it. The podcasts showcases adventurers and adventure athletes with a goal of finding out what motivates people to keep seeking thrills and why people love adventure.

Photo source: South African Tourism