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Williams Bay Greens Pool

Visit Western Australia Beaches at William Bay National Park

Williams Bay Greens Pool

Greens Pool

Ready to escape the cold and snow this winter? Consider a visit to the land Down Under where summer runs December to February followed by autumn which includes March through May.

One amazing beach destination is found in William Bay National Park in Denmark, Western Australia which features picture-perfect turquoise waters and ancient rock formations.

Favorite must-see spots include Greens Pool, Elephant Rocks and Cove, Madfish Bay, and Waterfall Beach.

Greens Pool

Greens Pool is an enchanting sheltered swimming spot protected against waves of the Great Southern Ocean. It’s a great swimming spot for kids, too, with a long gradual slope extending from the beach into the water.

The white sands of Greens Pool stretch west creating a ribbon of beach past the “rock guardians” of the rock pool across Williams Bay and Mazzoletti Beach.

It’s a popular swimming hole with a large parking lot and toilet facilities. Just follow the staircase down onto the beach.

Williams Bay Waterfall Beach

Waterfall Beach

Waterfall Beach

Waterfall beach is just what the name infers. It’s a beach which also features a waterfall which courses across heathland and pours over weathered rocks, down onto the beach creating a stream which cuts across the beach into Madfish Bay.

Kids enjoy splashing in the clean water as it carves a channel into the ocean. As visitors walk beyond the waterfall Lights Beach comes into view in the distance, however the patch of ground between the two is rugged.

Williams Bay Elephant Cove

Elephant Rocks

Elephant Rocks and Cove

Elephant Rocks gets its name because the large rocks look like a herd of elephants, paddling in the shallow waters.

These huge oval boulders create a stunning scene like rugged stone animals overlooking the ocean. This beach is about a ten-minute walk from Greens Pool.

Along with the beaches of William Bay National Park in Denmark, Western Australia, another ancient stone formation known as Tower Hill overlooks the entire park.

This attraction is part of the Bibbulmun Track and is accessible via a walking trail within the Park. For those planning to hike the trail, proper walking or hiking equipment is recommended.

Photo credits: KBT tube, Andrew Mozdzen, rainbowcoast