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Solo Travelers: It’s Nice to Be Alone In Paris


Paris may have a reputation of being for lovers, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy it solo.

It’s Nice to Be Alone in Paris, a fold-out map¬†published by Herb Lester Associates, shows single visitors how to side-step candlelit bistros and lover’s walks in favor of Parisian spots best explored solo.

The mini guide highlights 32 places, including a taxidermist extraordinaire, the best place to grab an ice cream alone, mint tea at the Grand Mosque, and suggestions on where to eat, swim, drink and buy vintage erotica.


Each location is detailed on a beautifully illustrated map. On the flip-side, more information about each destination is laid out.


The guide retails for about $7 and can be purchased directly from Herb Lester Associates or from Amazon.

photo credits: Herb Lester Associates