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ZigZag City Guides

Traveling with children can be both rewarding, and a struggle to keep them entertained. Alana Zawojski Ippolito knows that, which is why she created the ZigZag City Guides.

Aimed at school aged children, ZigZag guides consist of a deck of thirty city-specific cards designed to keep kids engaged with their new surroundings and foster a lasting learning of what they experience.

Each deck begins with information about the planes they’ll be riding on before launching into city specific information, like how to order a gelato in Rome, or a visual scavenger hunt through one of the city’s outdoor markets.

The Rome guide also includes a fold out map of Vatican City, pointing out St. Peter’s Basilica, the Sistene Chapel and other area highlights.

So far, ZigZag has produced only two guides, Rome and San Francisco, but a Paris guide is forthcoming.  And while the decks are designed to be used with children while visiting these destinations, they can still be used as teaching aids for those unable to make the trip.

Each ZigZag City Guide costs $28 and can be purchased at ZigZagCityGuides.com.

photo credits: ZigZag City Guides