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Video: Why Airport Security Lines May Get Worse

More travelers are expected to go through security lines, but recent cutbacks in the TSA’s PreCheck programs may mean longer wait times. WSJ’s Scott McCartney discusses with Tanya Rivero. Photo: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg

Video: 5 Thanksgiving Driving Tips for a Safe Ride

We all want to get to our Thanksgiving feasts, but before you hit the road, Krystin Goodwin (@Krystingoodwin) has a few safety tips to help make sure you can celebrate the holiday, and have a safe trip!

Video: The Hottest LUXEVEGAS Pool Parties with Robin Leach

What’s the best way to spend the day before hitting the clubs in Vegas? Soaking up the desert sun at the hottest pool parties on The Strip! Check out the latest episode of LUXEVEGAS and find out the most popular pool hang out spots to show off your favorite bikini. Who better than Robin Leach to give you an inside look at how the super rich like to throw a pool party!

Video: The Best Places for Inexpensive SCUBA Diving Vacations

SCUBA diving can be an expensive sport, but TC Newman (@PurpleTCNewman) shows you some budget dive spots.

Video: Homemade Hand Sanitizer and Other Useful Travel Tips

Natural lifestyle expert Sophie Uliano shares tips and tricks to guard against germs that thrive at 30,000 feet. Sophie first discusses the most common reasons we get sick when flying, and shows some simple way to avoid the germs. And later, Sophie shows a simple way to make your own anti-viral hand sanitizer.