3 Electronics to Pack when Vacationing Outside the Country

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With so many electronic gadgets part of everyday life, it’s tempting to want to pack them all and bring them with you on vacation.  When vacationing outside the country, though, you want to pack light and need to consider voltage requirements.

3 Electronics to Pack when Traveling Outside the Country

Electronics can add weight to your luggage, so to keep it light and when possible, choose multifunctional devices that serve more than one purpose.


Several devices can be used to snap pictures while on vacation, but you’ll want to pick up a slimline camera that’s waterproof, designed to withstand drops, and takes good pictures.

An Unlocked GSM Phone

When it comes to electronics to pack when vacationing, bringing your phone when traveling outside the country is a given. However, cell phones are prime targets for thieves, so you may want to get a phone specifically for traveling overseas.

To save money, make sure to purchase an unlocked GSM (Global Services for Mobile) mobile phone that allows you to switch out your U.S. SIM card with a cheaper local one.



Unless you need your laptop to work while on vacation, consider leaving it at home. After all, vacation should be a break from work, and you can run into issues when you carry your laptop across the international border. If you decide to take it, be sure to backup your files before you leave.

Instead of your laptop, consider an Apple iPad. Its small, compact size makes it easy to carry, and offers the features of a laptop, smart phone, an iPod, and a gaming console.

iPad is available in two editions: wireless and wireless with 3G. You’ll want the 3G model on vacation so it can be used wherever you have cell phone access.


Travel Adapters and Converters

In order to ensure your electronics will work overseas, there are gadgets you should make part of your travel gear. These devices work as an interface and make available power sources compatible for using your electronics safely and keeping them charged.

  • Travel adapters: Sometimes the plugs on electronics aren’t compatible with an overseas outlet. A travel adapter can fix the problem. It takes in one shape (prong input) and has a differently shaped output. If you’re not sure what type of adapter you’ll need, multi-country plug adapters are available.
  • Converters: Converters have nothing to do with input and output shapes, but instead deal with energy flow. A voltage converter converts the voltage up or down so your electronics can work with 220 volts and 110 volts.

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